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Benchmarking of complete shipping profiles or just one or a few traffic lanes for International Shippers!

With our > 25 years market knowledge we are focused to create more value in your shipping profiles. We prefer to look at the option “the better deal” instead of the cheapest one. No wrong decisions afterwards. We benchmark / line up theory & practice.

The customer is having more and more influence. He is asking for certain forwarding companies he knows or has seen reviews.

Benchmarking by using the most correct calculations.

We make the “hidden” additional costs visible. We can look into the INCO Terms. We can show benefits of different choices. Maximum service versus best costs opportunities.

We will benchmark shipping profiles for you.

We can help you choosing. Dual source, single source, business partnership mid or long term etc. Use our experience in the international airfreight and European transportation. Make our experience in the market, ad interim, available for your company/ shipping department/ traffic lane coordinators.

# We are specialized in Airfreight across Europa, docs, parcels, freight.

  • From Europe into or from Central or Southern Africa & Australia.
  • Be aware you pay the freight costs in NL, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Finland or Denmark.
  • We prefer door-to-door shipments, even into Africa.

# We are specialized in Road shipments, across Europe, door-to-door.

We will benchmark the shipping platforms in the Netherlands for you.

Shipping platforms for the Dutch (domestic) market

Shipping platforms for the international infeed into domestic European countries

International shipping ex The Netherlands into all over Europe

Part of your Tender Team:

We can be part of a tender team to help you with practical instead of theoretical choices. The >25 years of experience is what you buy! We are your helping hand & helping mind. The better our part of the job the more satisfied you should be afterwards.

In advance we need to know:

  • your wishes
  • preferations of your customers
  • IT information, IT structures
  • we need your shipping profile
  • parts of your shipping profile such us:
    • traffic lane information
    • B2B or B2C parts
    • returns

We believe

many business-to-business customers want to receive their shipments when they need them and not at the end of the working day or even worse…  one or more days later. Too early might be a problem to.

We believe the end consumer nowadays wants to know when & where he/ she can expect his shipment, and he/ she also prefers to have influence in the (chosen) shipping company.

Let us know what you need:  We offer:

  • Transparency in transportation costs
  • Transparency in shipping company capacities
  • IT solutions, multi channel, preferred carrier, runner up carrier
  • Customer Service needed or not, proactive
  • Invoicing, performance/ sustainability data etc.
  • A promise is a promise!

We will help you to get the better deals with shipping companies. We search for the most suitable/ equipped competitive forwarding agents/ transportation companies: B2B or B2C.

Mail/ docs, parcels/ pallets. Express, deferred, efficient or economic shipping.

We dealt >25 years day in – day out with benchmark / benchmarking traffic lanes/ shipping profiles.

  • the small & medium sized customers (SME)
  • large & major accounts
  • key accounts in the international Express, Road and Air market

We also dealt with the shipping profiles of Dutch Government entities for Express, Road and Air shipments. Benchmark/ benchmarking with the understanding of the needs so Win-Win will be the objective/ goal.

We are based in the central on the Netherlands, close to the German border.

The Netherlands Located Central in Europe, save transportation costs, better service shipping benchmark shipments tender team

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