Career coaching

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Career coaching not only for Logistic personnel. Our specialism: Listen to the voice of the customer: Online coaching. Discover your limits.

Online coaching (e-coaching). We can take care of tests and interpretation of these tests (assessments). Looking for the values you can add. Career coaching in a personal way. Look at the assessments/ tests we provide.

By using (English written) tests/ assessments we help you starting getting to  know your advantages for the market in a better way.

Work values: What is important for you? In which environment do you fit best? Let’s find out together.

The report indicates how important you believe each of the 14 values is, in comparison to the reference group. Each value has a definition that explains what the value is and means. Each value also has a concise name of making it easier to talk about the report with others. However, look at the definition given for the meaning of the value.

The values we measure: Autonomy, creativity, diversity, personal development, structure, security, influence, prestige, performance, financial reward, balance between work & private life, working conditions, work relationships and altruism. The assessment/ test makes difference between the ambition profile, independent profile, conventional and people-minded profile. The average of the report is 12/13 pages. All about you and how you compare with others.


The report indicates how you rate yourself on each of the 16 competencies. This is relative to how other people rate their own competencies, Each competency is provided with a definition what the competency entails and means. Each competency is highlighted. So you can talk about it easily. You get your personal competency profile. The competencies you score yourself are: Noticing, taking the initiative, analyzing, deciding, creating, planning & organizing, persevering, reacting flexibility, functioning under pressure, comunicating verbally, and in writing, helping, networking, checking, leading & self management & development. Average report 22 pages.

Career choice: Do you fit in the business?

You get your personality profile with 6 characteristics. Social, conventional, artistic, enterprising, investigative and realistic. You see what your behavior contains. Your values. It is all compare to “stereotype professions”. The combination of two charecteristics lead to conclusions. Which profession/ jobs related are most suitable for your charecter. The total report referring to you personality is around 18 pages. Every type is explained, and so your activities, behavior and values.

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Key personality types:

There is a theoretical background of the test. Your personal profile is in part two (Theory of the Big Five), key personality traits in part three and explanation of the test in the 4th (last) part.  The traits are: emotional stability, extraversion, conscientiousness, friendliness and opennes. Report of avarage 9 pages.

Dutch personality test:

There is not good or bad score. You will be classified compare to 30 scales. One of the main scales is: Extraversion: divided into: friendliness, gregariousness, assertiveness, activity level, excitement-seeking, cheerfulness. One of the main scales is: Agreeablemess, divided into: trust, morality, altruism, cooperation, modesty and sympathy.

What is your score for example on emotionality and liberalism. It is all in this Dutch personality test. The report is around 14 pages.

Career professional:

A-Class Logistics is part of A-Class Business and the sister activity is Loopbaancoach4u. The owner, which is me, is Register Career Professional in the Netherlands and qualified according to European standards. My supplier of the e-tests is located at University grounds.

These tests are available for German, Belgian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Austrian and Dutch inhabitants.

Career support: How does it work?

  1. You tell me via email what test you need.
  2. I send a quotation including one interpretion hour. If you have a LinkedIn account let me know in your mail.
  3. As you agree with my quotation you send me your acceptance.
  4. I will invoice you as soon as possible.
  5. I need you to pay in advance, as soon as I have the money. You pay via your personal bank transfer (IBAN), or via Paypal. Let me know your preferred payment.
  6. You will receive the shortlink to fill in the test.
  7. You make the test. I will be notified automatically.
  8. We will discuss the outcome by telephone, Facetime, What’s app or Microsoft Teams.
  9. You can buy as many as you need “interpretation” hours. If you will consider a career switch, 2 different tests are included. It is possible to have 1 or 2 online hours per week. 8-12 Meetings will be sceduled in 2-3 months time. I want to help you as good as possible. There might be homework between our meetings.
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