airfreight shipments South Africa, Iran, Australia

A-Class Logistics helps you shipping by air & road or intercontinental by road:  from The Netherlands, Germany or the Nordics to/ from Europe, Africa & Australia.

Important condition: You pay the freight costs (transportation costs, except duties/ tax) and are based in:

  • the Netherlands
  • Germany
  • Nordics: Denmark, Norway, Sweden or Finland

Express or Airfreight: To and from shipping Africa/ African countries:

You need proper shipping by air to / from African countries: Via Express, Integrators or Airfreight.

  • Business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C)

Example: B2C: We collect e-commerce shipments in your country and deliver them door- to- door in Kenya. You pay the freight costs.

Example: B2C: We collect e-commerce shipments sent from South Africa to you/  your delivery adresses in your country.

Example: B2B: You have frequent or occasionally a shipment from an African supplier.

Example: B2B: You have frequent or occasionally shipments to the African Continent.

We are working together with:

  • Specialists in Airfreight, for example shipping Africa by Air, or dtd Iran
  • Specialists in shipping the non standard road-/ air shipments such as:
    • dangerous goods and strategic goods
    • exhibitions/ fairs
    • strange sizes
    • customs clearance
  • Specialists in the return shipments
  • Specialists in E-Commerce
  • Mail solutions

You tell us what you need, we take care of your needs.

We help you using the best companies for your  (customer) demands. & Dutch customers can also have a look at:

We are the middleman in most cases and organize the set ups.

We do not collect or deliver by ourselves. We only use thrusted companies.

If you need this, we can select carriers with parcel shops, delivery boxes etc.

We use several platforms to be more competitive with our prices.

We use platforms to increase the visibility of the shipments including delivery data.

Shipping in/ through Europe: B2B (btb) / B2C (btc):

Documents/ docs, mail;

Parcels/ boxes;

Pallettized Shipments/ Pallet shipments in Europe see: