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We offer you our knowledge & skills to optimize (parts of) the supply chain transportwise. It is all about Transportation/ forwarding/ shipping. Air – road – sea – rail. Mail/ docs, parcels, palletized.

Our location is Central in the EU with the biggest Airports en Harbours within 600 miles/ 1000 km. We have the best connections to the German & Scandinavian market! See also the Blue Banana Area. Visibility, data, thrust and value added service in the supply chain.

We can arrange & establish (parts of) your supply chain. Use our market knowledge. We look at the market. We search for the best solutions, soltutions meets your requirements best. We offer consultancy so you do not have to put someone on the payroll. Let’s get in touch and look at the benefits you need:

  • ROI/ ROS increase
  • Less Transportation costs, better equipped shipping companies, they visit your customers
  • Reduce wasted time, failure prevention, proactive
  • Sustainable improvements, best cost-quality-service offer
  • A better control of the realistic data
  • Data you can rely on, you can improve the internal planning inbound and/ or outbound

Be aware: we do not organize internal, we offer better due time deliveries inbound and outbound with a better information flow. We avoid or decrease the lack of data and improve your customer deliveries combined with less returns.

A-Class Logistics helps you optimizing parts of the supply chain:

Saving money through creating Added Values such as:

  • direct shipments to the final receiver where possible
  • better return flows
  • better re-use of packaging
    • better availability of data
    • information is key to measure
    • information is needed to know
    • information is needed to organize
  • lower transit times
  • better understanding of the demands of your customers/ final customers (do you act specific or generatic?)
  • better flow of the working capital
  • we use the functionalities of the current market
    • platforms making shipments ready to ship
    • one solution for multiple carriers, such as dual source
    • platforms to track & trace shipments and inform receiver and shipper what is needed

We can optimize the supply chain for:

  • small e-commerce companies
  • SME
  • Multinationals

We offer you:

  • >25 years experience in the logistic European market
  • >25 years of dealing with Procurement at Strategic till Operational level
  • Full dedication to reach the best solutions for you/ your company
  • Supply Chain improvements focused on working together with LSP’s
  • We select valuable forwarders/ transportation companies and do not interfere in Material Management
  • A people network with several key players in the market

Located Central in Europe, save transportation costs, better service, benchmark shipments shipping profile lane, blue banana optimize supply chain traffic lanes

Our location:

  • Is located Central in Europe and there where most of the European international shipments take place, inbound, across and outbound. Between UK London and German Berlin. the business is all around!
  • Many shipments travel from/ to the Nordics via our country to/ from Spain.
  • In the Center of The Netherlands, next to the A12 Highway (from The German Ruhr area to TheHague).
  • Did you know our location is also halfway Stockholm – Madrid, London – Berlin, in other words halfway Sweden – Spain & UK – Germany?

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